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If your power goes out for even a minute, you'll get the whole day for free.

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We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted and YouthBuild to make a difference for the planet and our community.

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Joining the off-grid revolution is a big deal, we'd have lots of questions too! Here are a few we get most often:

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So what exactly IS OhmGrid?

Very, very good question.

OhmGrid is a subscription service that makes getting your home off the grid a snap. Your subsctiption includes the installation of your personalized home power system, 24/7/365 monitoring and support, expert maintenance for life, and our reliability guarantee.

Aaand how much does it cost?

OhmGrid is a subscription, so you don’t have to purchase anything at all.

Holding your installation date requires a $250 deposit, then all you have to do is pay your flat monthly subscription price, which will never fluctuate or change unexpectedly.

Your price is calculated based on the power requirements of your home, and since every home is unique, you’ll have to complete your home profile before we can estimate your monthly bill.

How does OhmGrid get me off the grid?

When you complete a home profile, our engineers start personalizing the perfect home power system based on your energy needs. Our robust partner network ensures you’ll be matched with the exact system you require, without having to purchase a thing. Your system is installed at your home, then we take care of everything - from super friendly customer service to on-time annual maintenance.

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