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Meet OhmGrid

OhmGrid is made up of smart, passionate individuals who share a belief in a happier, healthier future by innovating the way people power their lives.

As consumers, we're frustrated with grid power and the outages, inconsistent bills and subpar service that comes with it.

As energy experts, we're excited to introduce the modern alternative to grid power - OhmGrid - the all inclusive subscription that makes getting off the grid super simple.

Interested in joining us?

Improve the Quality of Life for our Team, our Customers and their Communities.

This is our purpose - our mantra, if you will. We start with Team because we whole-heartedly believe that a happy team makes happy customers and a happier world.

Ben Parvey


At OhmGrid, it's my responsibility to ensure that our team is happy, collaborating and communicating with each other and our customers. It is our purpose and my passion, to improve the quality of life for our team, our customers and their communities.

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Andrew Fallon

Customer Service Superstar

Andrew strives to make your day and experience a little brighter and better! Andrew is the first point of contact for our OhmGrid customers and cannot wait to answer all of your clean energy questions.

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Marta Gintowt

Digital Marketer

Marta is a digital marketer on BlueSky’s innovative marketing team. She specializes in social media strategy, SEO, and both creative and technical copywriting, while helping to create and develop the company’s content strategy.

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Alex Beglova

Graphic Designer

Alex brings her fresh approach to graphic design and elevates the look and feel of BlueSky Power. Versatile in a variety of graphic design fields, in all her projects Alex always strives to reach a sense of balance, stopping nothing short of perfection.

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Chad Hagan

Marketing Director

As part of an incredible OhmGrid team, it's my privilege and passion to ensure our customers, culture, quirks and values are always at the forefront of everything we say and do. I align our creative and marketing teams on projects, develop systems and processes that improve customer experience and form synergistic partnerships.

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Nicole DelMonte

Office Administrator a.k.a “Chief”

Nicole is the assistant to the CEO as well as handling all day-to-day office needs and tasks that nobody else knows what to do with. The “office mom”. She has found her niche in organization and process improvement.

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OhmGrid Board Members

Our board is comprised of experienced leaders in energy

Our Vision

The centralized electric grid that delivers our utility electricity today was built over 150 years ago, and since then it hasn't really changed a whole lot. As our modern lives demand more and more electricity, the outdated grid is unable to keep up, resulting in longer, more frequent power outages, higher prices and worsening infrastructure.

Our vision is of a world without wires - a world that isn't held back by outdated technologies, where power is sustainably made right where it's being used. We believe in looking at things in new ways, working together to heal the planet and empowering others to do the same.

Together, we can do incredible things.