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Every home is unique and uses electricity differently. OhmGrid's home energy system is flexible, so most homeowners can easily switch from utility power to modern, reliable off-grid electricity.

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Revolutionizing the way you power your home is a big deal.

We'd have lots of questions too! Browse our FAQ below, and feel free to hit up the chat bubble or contact form with any questions.

What is OhmGrid?

OhmGrid is a modern power service designed to completely replace your home electric utility.

With OhmGrid, all of your power needs are generated at your home using safe, clean microgrid technologies (solar, battery & generator).

Wave goodbye to your electric utility, complex fees, long call queues and power outages, and say hello to energy independence, simple one-price billing, world-class 24/7 customer service and zero power failures, guaranteed.

How is OhmGrid different than my power company?

The difference between OhmGrid and your power company starts with how you get your electricity: utility power delivers electricity over miles of transmission poles and wires (the centralized grid) to deliver electricity to your home from power plants and other large-scale energy sources.

Homes with OhmGrid are completely self-sustaining. All of your energy needs are generated by your home, for your home.

Will I still get an electric bill?

Yes, but not from the electric utility. OhmGrid monthly billing is flat and simple, with no complicated fees or unpredictable charges so you can use your power without a second thought.

What does OhmGrid cost?

Registering for OhmGrid is free, and a refundable $250 deposit reserves your OhmGrid installation date. After your personalized OhmGrid is installed, you'll be charged a flat monthly amount with no complicated rates or fees. Most customers who switch to OhmGrid pay the same or even less per month than their average electric bill.

How is OhmGrid billing calculated?

Unlike your utility bill, which includes confusing fees, charges and fluctuating energy costs based on market prices, OhmGrid billing is super transparent and consistent.

Before your home is personalized with OhmGrid, BlueSkyPower energy experts will analyze your home and energy data. Next, your flat monthly bill will be calculated based on the unique OhmGrid configuration that perfectly harmonizes with your home power needs.

Where does my OhmGrid power come from?

When you switch to OhmGrid, the utility wires to your house are unplugged and a personalized OhmGrid system is discreetly created at your home.

Most OhmGrid systems generates energy from the sun using top-of-the-line solar while simultaneously charging your multi-day battery, which will seamlessly power your home when the sun sets or during inclement weather.

To ensure the utmost resiliency, a power generator is also included with every OhmGrid.

Will I own the equipment?

Like the utility owns, operates and maintains power plants, transmission lines and the distribution grid, BlueSky owns, operates and maintains your OhmGrid.

Once installed at your home, your OhmGrid system is remotely monitored and maintained by certified professionals at no cost to you.

Will I still be connected to the utility?

No, OhmGrid was designed to be fully independent. No more power failures, rude service reps and confusing bills. Say goodbye to the utility and hello to clean, easy, always-on power.

How is OhmGrid maintained? Do I have to be an expert?

No expertise needed! You can breathe easy knowing that your OhmGrid is fully covered and serviced by highly trained and certified experts. Annual routine servicing and automatic updates ensure your electricity is always in tip-top shape.

Is OhmGrid safe?

From equipment to installation and daily operation, OhmGrid adheres to the strictest in safety standards. Advanced sensors and connectivity means your OhmGrid is monitored 24/7 so you can have total peace of mind.

What does OhmGrid mean?

An "Ohm" is a unit of measurement for electricity and an alternate spelling of "Om", the mantra often used in meditation meaning "Source". "Grid" refers to the personalized system that powers your home.

What do you call a zombie cooking stir fry?

The Woking Dead!

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