Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for our team, our customers and the communities we share.

Our Social Mission

Our team and partners believe in making a happier, healthier world though the decarbonization of daily life.

OhmGrid specifically drives positive change in the world through innovative climate action and in our community by empowering Philly youths to pursue a renewable future.

Off-Grid is for Everyone

Unfortunately, not everyone in America can easily become energy independent. Some states, like Louisiana, don't provide incentives for renewables which makes getting off the monopolized utility grid impossible for many people. Other states, like Pennsylvania, have strict zoning laws that prohibit disconnection from the grid entirely. This not only slows decarbonization progress, but impedes on homeowners' rights to power their lives the way they see fit.

In addition to our decarbonization and youth work, we are dedicated to increasing accessibility to off-grid lifestyles through off-grid education and speaking out for increased off-grid freedoms.