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Ben Parvey


Ben Parvey has dedicated his professional career to building a clean and resilient energy future as founder and CEO of BlueSky Power. As a public finance attorney turned energy expert, Ben oversees the implementation of innovative finance structures and strategic direction of BlueSky’s clean energy projects.

Ben founded BlueSky Power in 2008, and in the years since has accomplished approximately $200 million in clean energy projects for leading municipal, industrial and institutional customers.

Prior to founding BlueSky, Ben worked with Saul Ewing LLP in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Philadelphia on public and project finance deals worth over $4 billion to provide funds to construct clean energy systems, universities, schools, municipal buildings, senior living facilities, airport facilities, water and wastewater systems, hospitals, and various other capital projects.

Ben also served as the Market Development Manager for the Investor Responsibility Research Center in Washington, DC, where he provided Corporate Governance analysis and Institutional Shareholder Services to private asset managers and public pension funds with assets in excess of $500 million. In 2017, BlueSky Power achieved the Energy Solutions Center’s Project of the Year Award for a clean energy microgrid.

When COVID-19 changed everything in March 2020, Ben led the founding of the OhmGrid team to provide homeowners an accessible and reliable off-grid alternative to grid power. Ben's vision of a World Without Wires has served as an inspiration and motivator for creating the independent future of home power.