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What going off-grid means for homeowners in 2022

Marta Gintowt
August 16, 2022

What does it mean to live off-grid?

No longer reserved only for mountain men and preppers, the off-grid lifestyle is more common, and more ‘connected’ in the modern sense, than you might think.

Emancipating your home from traditional utilities is a phenomenon in itself, something that might even seem impossible. Contrary to popular belief, as a homeowner, it is not necessary to be connected to the electric grid to access stable, affordable electricity. Also, contrary to popular belief, in order to go ‘off-grid’ it is not necessary to move deep into the woods and start foraging for food.

Why homeowners are switching to off-grid power

Going off-grid, in the modern sense of the term, means not relying on large-scale, regionalized power grids to provide energy for your home. It also means energy is generated directly where it's used, which makes power incredibly reliable.

Power lines are objectively the most delicate part of the national power grid, and one going down due to a falling tree limb or high winds can mean blackouts for entire communities. The fragility of the grid, paired with the fact that outages are increasing in both frequency and length due to aging infrastructure, is cause for concern for homeowners looking to protect themselves from reliance on the national electric grid.

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Ironically, homeowners with off-grid power will always stay connected (even if it's not by power lines).

Since off-grid is, well, off the grid, your power won't go out even in the hairiest of weather.

Relying on traditional utilities just doesn't feel reliable to homeowners anymore, and for good reason. Going off-grid protects homeowners from the declining future of the monopolized utilities, and creates energy security, long-term price consistency and stability.

With energy loads higher than ever, the outdated and fragile electric grid is not able to withstand the demand for power from the communities that it serves. Climate change has altered the seasons as we have known them. Summers are now hotter than ever, peaking to record-breaking temperatures and forcing grids in certain parts of the country to shut off because of heat constraints.

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In contrast, winters have also seen their fair share of changes. States like Texas, which normally have mild winters, experienced devastating freezes that collapsed the grid and put residents in danger. Whether it's extreme heat or bitterly-cold temperatures that are effecting those across the country more and more each year, utility companies are not able to deliver constant, quality, energy.

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The easiest way to get off the grid in 2022

What homeowners need now is stability in every sense of the word. When the threats of climate change become a reality, homeowners can ensure that their power will stay on and their families remain safe with off-grid renewable energy. Staying connected in these crazy times is more important than ever, and getting off the grid is the best way to make sure that no matter what happens during the seasons, you'll be online and powered up.

OhmGrid is a monthly off-grid power service that can completely or partially replace your electric utility with a safe, reliable home power system - at no up-front cost to you!

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Off-grid energy can get complicated fast, so the experts at OhmGrid make it super simple by bundling everything from the home system to lifetime monitoring and maintenance under one flat monthly subscription. This means all you have to do is answer a few questions about your home, review your personalized off-grid power proposal, and reserve your installation date. Then you get to enjoy all the benefits of off-grid with none of the headaches - that means flat billing, guaranteed reliability, and professional worry-free management of your system for life.

To see what off-grid options are available for your home, complete your home profile today!

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