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OhmGrid’s Off-Grid Home Energy: How it works

Marta Gintowt
August 5, 2022

Off-Grid Made Easy

With the imminent collapse of the traditional electric grid, along with forecasted rolling blackouts that are to occur this year, the prospects of keeping your home on the electric grid seem grim.

And what options do homeowners have?

Until now, the best solution for those who were ready to move on from their utiilty was to purchase solar alongside expensive battery storage systems, pay to have them installed, either learn the complex monitoring and maintenance procedures or find and hire a company to perform long-term safety and operations of the system.

Until now, getting off the grid was a huge drag.

OhmGrid makes off-grid easy - no purchase necessary!

Simply fill out a home profile, place your refundable $250 system reservation fee, and enjoy all the sweet, sweet benefits of off-grid home power.

One Minute Guarantee

A primary benefit of off-grid power is reliability. Power outages happen because the equipment used to deliver electricity to homes and businesses (wires and poles) are extremely fragile, and a brazen squirrel or falling tree-limb can cause thousands - even millions - to lose power.

Not all off-grid systems are ultra reliable.

But OhmGrid most definitely is.

In fact, we're so confident in the reliability of OhmGrid's whole-home power systems that we're putting our money where our mouth is with the one minute guarantee:

If your power goes out - for even a minute - you'll get the whole day for free as a reduction on your monthly bill.

Off-Grid Home Power System

To keep things simple, the equipment that makes your home power self-sustaining is installed, monitored and maintained by certified professionals at no additional cost to you.

Typically, OhmGrid configurations consist of solar, a battery storage system and home generator, plus a few less-obvious components like power inverters and optimizers.

Solar Panels: State-of-the-art solar panels, which absorb powerful UV rays even when it’s cloudy, are measured and installed depending on the needs and maximum power usages of the homes. The panels are minimally invasive and can be mounted on your roof, on the ground, and in a variety of creative ways, like as a solar pergola to provide your yard with shade.

Battery Storage System: A battery storage system is the heart of your OhmGrid home power system. During the day, while the solar panels are absorbing energy from the sun, excess solar energy is used to charge the battery. When the sun goes down or your home needs extra juice on a cloudy day, the battery seamlessly powers your home. While the rest of the neighborhood loses power, a home with OhmGrid will not be affected at all, even in the hairiest of weather, thanks to the battery.

Power Generator: OhmGrid’s primary technology is complete with the final addition of a generator. The generator provides backup power if the OhmGrid battery is depleted for any reason, not only powering the home but also recharging the battery to minimize time on the generator.

Ready to get off the grid? Fill out your free home profile

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