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The Risks of Living on the Grid this Summer

Marta Gintowt
June 16, 2022

Electricity, an essential resource for everyday life, is at risk.

Electric utilities are something that every American is familiar with.

We are quite dependent on the electric grid, whether one will admit it or not. That dependence has soared with the introduction of the internet, mobile phones, and social media.

Most work, whether it’s remote or in an office, relies on a strong internet connection, and that internet connection relies on electricity. Heating and cooling homes throughout the year requires electricity for many Americans, and hospitals, labs, universities and nursing homes often utilize microgrids to ensure the power never fails for them at all, regardless of weather.

Mississippi State University uses a BlueSkyPower microgrid to give students and their parents peace of mind that they'll never lose power.

It turns out that electricity is very important to us, an essential resource for everyday life. So, we would assume that it’s secured air-tight for our accessibility.


Anyone that receives utility bills, lives in a wooded or coastal area, or loses their power often will be able to tell you differently.

In fact, in 2022, the electric grid is under extreme stress, and experts are warning that frequent, forced blackouts may become the new norm for many Americans this summer.

Archaic grids are dealing with extreme power loads and the outdated, fragile infrastructure simply can't keep up. We've witnessed that certain weather phenomena, ranging from winter blizzards to summer thunderstorms, have the potential to knock power out for millions of people for days on end, while excessive heat and great freezes can damage the traditional electric infrastructure, therefore making utility companies unable to deliver essential power to customers in high-risk situations.

The grid is so fragile that animals, trees, beehives, and even balloons have the capability of causing widespread blackouts.

Mylar birthday balloons released into the sky cause thousands of power outages every year because the metallic coating on the balloons conducts electricity

Many people that think about making a change or home improvement consider the risks involved. Change normally means risk, and when we measure risk, we always make sure that the benefits outweigh the risks.

In the case of the traditional electric power grid, the greatest risk would actually be sticking with conventional power utilities.

In the wake of climate change, population transitions, and real estate developments, the grid is at capacity—and homeowners who remain on the grid are at a greater risk of power interruptions than ever before.

Going off-grid is now a solution for most homeowners

Summer is right around the corner, and thanks to rising electricity bills and storms, it's the best time to evaluate your home's precious electricity service and consider an off-grid alternative to utility power.

Making your home electricity independent and self-sustaining might seem like an overwhelming feat. Timing, personal investment, sensitive equipment, complex installation and ongoing maintenence of home microgrids makes getting off the grid feel incredibly daunting to the average homeowner.

But what if it was made simple?

What if all the expertise, equipment and service needed to make your home completely independent of the grid was covered under one all-inclusive subscription?

The future of home power is brighter than what it appears to be. Living off of the electric grid is not only possible, but more accessible than ever. Freeing homeowners from an outdated system, power outages, poor service and convoluted billing is what we at OhmGrid have set out to do

With an OhmGrid microgrid, the transition process from conventional utility to local energy is seamless. Once a home's microgrid system is installed, complete energy independence from the grid is attained. This also takes pressure off the already strained electric network, allowing the grid to become more stable for those in nearby communities.

As more and more homes and buildings are developed, those that are added on to the grid are causing extra strain, while those choosing to be energy independent with sustainable power enter into a future free of utility constraints and negative environmental impact.  

As blackouts occur this summer, with predicted increases both in length and occurrence, getting off the grid with microgrid technology is the clear answer for many homeowners.

OhmGrid combines personalized Solar technology, battery storage, power generators and smart microgrid controller to reliably power homes, even while grid failures materialize in surrounding neighborhoods.

Next time a summer storm rolls in, will you be stuck listening to hold music as you try to reach your utility company for outage updates?

If your home is off-grid you'll be enjoying internet and air conditioning while the rest of the block is listening to hold music.

Our team at OhmGrid is dedicated to a future free of wires, where we can banish dependency of the electric grid once and for all and show the world that a future without blackouts, unfair utility bills, and careless customer service is possible, all while being environmentally-friendly.  

Complete your Home Profile today to see if your home is eligible for off-grid energy with OhmGrid

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