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OhmGrid x Blue Planet Energy

Chad Hagan
September 12, 2022

We’ve partnered with Blue Planet Energy to progress our shared vision of an off-grid future.

OhmGrid customers will now have the option to incorporate Blue Planet Energy’s ultra-safe and flexible Blue Ion HI and Blue Ion LX energy storage into their OhmGrid power systems.

From taking entire villages off-grid to helping businesses and homes optimize their energy storage and use, Blue Planet Energy’s zero-waste mindset, premium batteries and wide array of experience makes them an ideal option for OhmGrid customers looking to get off the grid.

Blue Planet Energy’s batteries range from smaller-scale stackable batteries (Blue Ion HI Energy Storage System) for individual homes to large-capacity batteries for commercial and community projects (Blue Ion LX Energy Storage System).

The stackable Blue Ion HI

Thanks to the flexibility of the Blue Ion HI and Blue Ion LX battery options, OhmGrid customers will have all of their power storage needs taken care of, whether fully or partially off-grid.

We offer Blue Planet Energy batteries as an option for a number of reasons. Of course, the sleek design and the eye-catching glow of their (USA made) HI and LX batteries are a plus, but the aesthetic is only beginning - it’s what’s under the hood that we’re so excited about.

Advanced Chemistry

Admittedly, we’re not chemistry experts. But the folks at Blue Planet Energy are and they’ve crafted the safest batteries in the industry by using lithium iron phosphate, which is non-toxic, non-combustible chemistry and requires no cooling as they won’t overheat. The unique chemistry and build-quality makes the Blue Ion HI and Ion LX batteries ideal for our customers.

Long Life-Cycle

Brands love to say “built to last”, but the Blue Planet Energy’s Blue Ion HI and Blue Ion LX batteries ACTUALLY are, with an impressive life-cycle of 15-20 years. Even better, the batteries are backed by a 15-year warranty. Compared to the industry average battery life-cycle of about 10 years, the Blue Ion HI and Blue Ion LX systems offer the exact kind of industry-leading technology that OhmGrid customers expect.

Blue Planet Energy's Blue Ion LX Battery

OhmGrid customers who choose Blue Planet Energy storage for their home can experience life completely off-grid or stay partially connected to the grid, if they prefer.

The Off-Grid Revolution

Our partnerships aim to make the absolute best off-grid products accessible to our customers with no purchase necessary.

With similar values and a shared mission to help others become energy independent, Blue Planet Energy and OhmGrid are thrilled to be joining forces in the off-grid revolution.

The sleek and stackable Blue Ion HI design makes it perfect for indoor battery storage.


To specifically include Blue Planet Energy’s premier battery storage as part of your off-grid home system, let us know when filling out your Home Profile.


If you’re a builder or developer looking to include off-grid options for your customers, we will be co-hosting a webinar on October 25 with Blue Planet Energy explaining the best way to add off-grid to your offerings. Add it to your calendar >

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