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OhmGrid's Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Office

Marta Gintowt
May 10, 2022

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month

The evolution of the modern office has changed tremendously throughout even the last 20 years. From the installation of ergonomic standing desks to implementing a hybrid-approach to the working environment, offices have become more comfortable to suit the ever-changing needs of the modern-day worker.

It would be great to say that all changes would have a positive effect on employees' mental health, as awareness for workers' both mental and physical well-being has become a priority for many employers. One particular advancement that is specifically beneficial, both for employees and their furry friends, is the pet-friendly office.

Now, while some offices are unable to implement a pet-friendly approach for valid reasons, BlueSky Power warmly welcomes pets of our employees, and in turn, they have become an important part of our office life and company culture. The decision to have a pet-friendly office was a crucial one, according to CEO Ben Parvey, who himself has a dog and a new kitten.

Ben shared that Play is so important to creativity and innovations. Dogs playing in the BlueSky office adds to the playful spirit that lets our team innovate and collaborate more freely. Also, the atmosphere in the BlueSky office feels more like home when our companions from home are with our teammates at work.

Having pets in the office not only enhances the office energy and flow, but allows pets a place to socialize and play freely with each other and the employees.

It’s no secret that owning a pet requires significant responsibilities, including an investment in time and money, but it’s also common knowledge that owning a pet has considerable benefits, namely those related to mental health. WebMDstates that just the companionship factor helps people feel less lonely, while additionally aiding in helping those connect with others, as pets can help open a channel of communication. Another interesting aspect, specifically of having a dog, is being able to socially recognize and bond with them on a deeper level, according to the Guardian. Forming special bonds and reducing loneliness are just the start to how pets aid in healing and diminishing anxiety, depression, and sadness. Interestingly enough, having pets in the office does have its productivity perks, as The Human Animal Bond Research Institute found that along with increasing comfort decreasing stress amongst office workers, pet-friendly offices experienced higher levels of collaboration and productivity.

At BlueSky Power, we definitely know the benefits of welcoming the office space to pets, and all for different reasons! Across the board, everyone at BSP has a special reason that they love to work at a pet-friendly office, and experiences its exceptional benefits. Below are some of BlueSky Powers employee experiences and benefits of working in a pet-friendly office:

Nicole - Head of office administration: A dog gives unconditional love. They literally live to love you. What could be better than that! Bucky comes to work with me every day. He loves everyone on the team and all of his dog friends. Dogs bring an amazing energy to the room. I love that I can just reach down during a meeting and there is usually a dog close enough to pet.

Chris - Customer Service: I don’t have a dog to bring to work, but I do enjoy interacting with coworkers' dogs! It builds my relationship with the team, and creates a stress free work environment!

Andrew - Customer Service: Being able to bring my dog, Pluto, to work is such a gift! To get to see him play with his friends, get scratches from everyone in the office, and see him so happy, brings me a lot of peace. Then, when we go home, he's tired out... which is a HUGE win when you have a rambunctious pup like Pluto!

All in all, the BlueSky Power team, both employees and pets alike, can say with determination that there are many benefits to implementing a pet-friendly office. From overall stress-relief to augmenting positive energy, the sweeping approval of pet’s presence in our office has brought us many happy moments.


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